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Shipping information


Following the revised import andexport guidelines issued by Nigerian Federal Government,all containerizedimportcargo destined forNigeria shouldbe palletized. This new guidelinegoes into effect from 1stof January 2018 (time of departure) for all Nigerian inbound cargo departing from worldwide origins. We kindly advise that you can comply with the new guideline,as failure to comply may result inre-shipment of container and any penalty and surcharge involved with non-compliance shall be borne by the local consignee.

Yard Adjustment Charge

Yard Adjustment Charge in port of loading ANTWERP and ZEEBRUGGE (procedure for stacking full containers on the terminal):

Yard stacking is set up by vessel, by POD and by stack weight class.

When containers have been accepted full on terminal based upon info from the original booking note send by the customer to the carrier a yard adjustment charge will be applicable for merchant account when following shipment details are updated:

- COV (change of vessel): when a container is being loaded on another vessel than the vessel intended as per original booking note.