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+++++  Dear customer, ++++++

Considering the increased risk situation around the Middle East, especially for cargo moving through the Hormuz strait/Gulf of Aden/Persian Gulf,

COSCO SHIPPING LINES decided to implement a WRS (War Risk Surcharge) for all shipments of AET trade on ocean freight payer’s account and effective as from 21/07/2019 till further notice.

Amount: $ 50,- per TEU Effective as from 21/07/2019;


1. Gulf area includes: Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (Eastern Coastal), Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates & Oman.

2. Europe includes: North West Europe and Mediterranean countries involved. WRS is floating and will be reviewed till further notice. It will invoiced on top of basic ocean freight and other surcharges.

3.      For Syria inbound shipments, a WRS of $ 74,- / $ 148,- will be implemented.

We draw your attention to our new storage charges valid as from 1st of February 2019.  New charges will be applicable for containers loaded on or discharged from vessel as from 1st of February 2019.

Please be informed that as from 01.12.2018, COSCO Shipping Lines will apply an EIS (equipment imbalance charge) for shipments from Europe to Indonesia of usd 20/20’ and usd 30/40’.

CCAM rule

Dear Valued Customers,

China Customs will implement the new China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) system effective from 28th of  June 2014. All shipments with destination Shanghai en Xiamen are under the 24-hour CCAM rule prior to loading on board of the foreign loading port.

Please find the main data and formatting requirements of the manifest.

  • Shipper’s name and full address including phone and fax numbers
  • Consignee’s name and full address including phone and fax numbers
  • Notify Party name and full address including phone and fax numbers
  • Container number and seal
  • Total Gross weight, Total number of packages, Type of packages
  • Full cargo Description including H.S. code

The failure to meet the requirement of the China customs, might cause "DNL/DNU" notice (Don Not Load / Do Not Unload) from the customs and negative effects in the further import process of China customs clearance and customs release. Reason why we kindly request you to follow requirements of the China customs with respect to new closing dates/times imposed as a result from this.

Closing dates :

  • Documentation cut off : 3 working days prior ETA vessel.
  • Container cut off : 2 working days prior ETA of vessel (general cargo) / 1 working day for special cargo (DG /  reefer).

An Advanced Manifest submission Fee (AMS) of USD 30.00/BL and Advance Manifest Amendment Fee (AMA) of USD 40.00/BL will be implemented as from June, 28th 2014, prepaid from the cargo receiving.

Please also note similar procedure is expected to be implemented in (nearby) future for other P.R. China ports.