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CargoSmart – Your Centralized Platform for Integration

CargoSmart – Your Centralized Platform for Integration

If you have a high shipment volume, you may want to transmit data by direct integration to save time copying and re-keying information into your system. CargoSmart provides direct integration services if you would like to manage your shipment data with COSCON more efficiently.

CargoSmart integrates with COSCON and saves you time by minimizing the number of connections and message sets you need to manage. CargoSmart supports common industry standard message formats, including ANSI-X.12, UN/EDIFACT, and XML for direct integration. You only need to integrate once with CargoSmart.

CargoSmart also works closely with COSCON to ensure your data format requirements are met. CargoSmart’s system automatically monitors message integrity and can issue reports and email notifications to the appropriate parties if the message fails established criteria.

With CargoSmart as your solution provider to centralize and standardize all your carrier shipment information, you leverage CargoSmart’s years of technical and industry expertise and extensive project management experience. From the review of the initial requirements through final implementation, CargoSmart will help ensure that you achieve your automation and visibility goals.

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About CargoSmart

CargoSmart Limited provides global shipment management software solutions that enable shippers, consignees, logistics service providers, NVOCCs, and ocean carriers to improve planning and on-time deliveries. Connected to over 30 ocean carriers, CargoSmart leverages big data sources and a cloud-based platform to offer award-winning sailing schedules, visibility, documentation, contract management, compliance, and benchmarking solutions.

Launched in 2000, CargoSmart helps over 130,000 transportation and logistics professionals to increase delivery reliability, lower transportation costs, and streamline operations. For more information, please visit

Cargosmart Booking Request User Guide

Cargosmart Shipping Instructions User Guide

EDI for COSCO and Cargosmart

How to proceed for edi via CargoSmart :

  1. Ask us your Carrier Customer Code (SAPID). CargoSmart will need this for associating to their CargoSmart ID.
  2. Fill in the lead-gen page for EDI connection request.
  3. You will be contacted by CargoSmart.