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Considering the increased risk situation around the Middle East, especially for cargo moving through the Hormuz strait/Gulf of Aden/Persian Gulf,

COSCO SHIPPING LINES decided to implement a WRS (War Risk Surcharge) for all shipments of AET trade on ocean freight payer’s account and effective as from 21/07/2019 till further notice.

Amount: $ 50,- per TEU Effective as from 21/07/2019;


1. Gulf area includes: Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (Eastern Coastal), Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates & Oman.

2. Europe includes: North West Europe and Mediterranean countries involved. WRS is floating and will be reviewed till further notice. It will invoiced on top of basic ocean freight and other surcharges.

3.      For Syria inbound shipments, a WRS of $ 74,- / $ 148,- will be implemented.

We draw your attention to our new storage charges valid as from 1st of February 2019.  New charges will be applicable for containers loaded on or discharged from vessel as from 1st of February 2019.

Please be informed that as from 01.12.2018, COSCO Shipping Lines will apply an EIS (equipment imbalance charge) for shipments from Europe to Indonesia of usd 20/20’ and usd 30/40’.

About us

About Cosco Belgium


Cosco Belgium’s History

Linking Europe with China:
In February 1960 the Antwerp Shipping Agency Furness Shipping & Agency Co. N.V., won the agency for China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco), the national carrier of the PR China.
In 1980 the joint-venture Cosfur Shipping & Agency Co. N.V. was created confirming Cosco’s commitment to Antwerp.
In 1984 Cosco’s 800 teu vessel “E Cheng” sailed from Antwerp to China, starting the first regular monthly full-container link between Europe and PR China. It evolved to the current 3 sailings per week to the Far East and China.
In 1998 Cosco Belgium N.V., a fully owned Cosco Company, was founded. It operates as the agent for Cosco’s Container Line, General Cargo Lines and tramping services for Belgium, Luxemburg and it’s hinterland.

Cosco’s Current services:

Being the leading container logistics company for China, Cosco offers its customers full coverage of East-West trade lanes, with many of the fastest transit times.
As a member of the CHKY Alliance regular services connect Asia, North America, Europe, the Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East. Services to Australia and New Zealand complete coverage in Asia-Pacific.

Information Technology:

Cosco Belgium has long recognized the importance of IT on the transport industry and was one of the first European offices to implement this world-wide information system.
E-commerce features such as the container tracking system further strengthen Cosco's position as a market leader in world shipping.


Cosco owns one of the youngest container fleets (over 200,000 TEU) in the industry and includes General Purpose, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Racks and 20’ and 40’ reefer containers. It controls several terminals and depots in Belgium and Luxemburg.


Our in house team of forwarding specialists will assist customers with a full logistics package. Antwerp’s excellent location enables Cosco Belgium to offer exporters and importers swift and made-to-measure logistic services.