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Yard Adjustment Charge

Yard Adjustment Charge in port of loading ANTWERP and ZEEBRUGGE (procedure for stacking full containers on the terminal):

Yard stacking is set up by vessel, by POD and by stack weight class.

When containers have been accepted full on terminal based upon info from the original booking note send by the customer to the carrier a yard adjustment charge will be applicable for merchant account when following shipment details are updated:

- COV (change of vessel): when a container is being loaded on another vessel than the vessel intended as per original booking note.

- COD (change of discharge stowage port): when the container is being loaded to another POD than the POD indicated as per original booking.

- COWC (change of weight class): when the stack weight class of a container on the yard is different to the stack weight class as per original booking note.

Stack weight classes:


from kgs

to kgs

class 1



class 2



class 3


24000 +


Since weights are stack weights this is including tare weight of the container.


Average tare weight to be counted:

DV20: 2300 kgs – DV40/HC40: 3500 kgs

RF20: 3000 kgs – RF/RQ40: 5000 kgs

Other type of equipment can be checked with our office case by case for average tare weight to be counted.

When details change prior delivery of the full unit to the terminal, and this is clearly advised in reasonable time as a change to the booking note to customer service desk, no charge is applicable.

When details change after delivery of the full unit to the terminal a yard adjustment charge (yac) of EUR 50.00 will be charged. Charge also applicable if details change at short notice prior delivery.